Studies of interest: Environmental impacts

Title & link Author Date

Climate change exacerbates nutrient disparities from seafood

Cheung et al 2023

The environmental footprint of fisheries

Ray Hilborn 2023
Evaluating the sustainability and environmental impacts of trawling compared to other food production systems Hilborn R., Amoroso R., Collie, Hiddink, Kaiser, Mazor, Parma, McConaughey, Pitcher, Sciberras, Suuronen 2023

Perspectives on aquaculture's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals for improved human and planetary health

Max Troell, Barry Costa-Pierce, Selina Stead, Richard S. Cottrell, Cecile Brugere, Anna K. Farmery, David C. Little... 2023

From the sea to aquafeed: A perspective overview

Orhan Tufan Eroldoğan, Brett Glencross, Lucie Novoveska, Susana P. Gaudêncio, Buki Rinkevich, Giovanna Cristina Varese, Maria de Fátima Carvalho, Deniz Tasdemir, Ivo Safarik …  2022
Life cycle inventories of marine ingredients Richard Newton, Dave Little, Wesley Malcorps 2022
Maximizing seafood by-product utilization towards eliminating waste A Namibia pilot study Friends of Ocean Action / World Economic Forum 2022

More Than Fish—Framing Aquatic Animals within Sustainable Food Systems

Alexandra Pounds and al. 2022
Time to rethink trophic levels in aquaculture policy  Cottrell 2021
Certifying the public image? Reputational gains of certification in Norwegian salmon aquaculture  Marit SheiOlsen and al. 2021
Life cycle assessment of fish and seafood processed products – A review of methodologies and new challenges Marit Schei, OlsenaTrine, Thorvaldsenb, Tonje C.Osmundsenc 2021
The future of food from the sea  Christopher Costello, Ling Cao and Stefan Gelcich et al. 2020
A more sophisticated way of looking at FIFO (Fish-In:Fish Out) ratios IFFO 2020

Fish as feed: Using economic allocation to quantify the Fish In : Fish Out ratio of major fed aquaculture species

Kok et al. 2020
Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from global aquaculture  Michael J. MacLeod, Mohammad R Hasan, David Robb et al: 2020
Solar thermal process heat in fishmeal production: Prospects for two South African fishmeal factories Dewald Oosthuizen et al 2020
Study: Ocean fish farming in tropics and sub-tropics most impacted by climate change  University of British Columbia 2020
Effective fisheries management instrumental in improving fish stock status  Ray Hilborn et al. 2020
Microplastic contamination in east Antarctic sea ice University of Tasmania 2020
Rebuilding marine life Duarte et al. 2020
Fish as feed: Using economic allocation to quantify the Fish In : Fish Out ratio of major fed aquaculture species  University of Utrecht et al. 2020
The trade-off between biodiversity and sustainable fish harvest with area-based management Ray Hilborn, Caitlin Allen Akselrud, Henry Peterson, George A Whitehouse 2020
Agriculture can help aquaculture become greener Johnathan Napier and al. 2020
The sustainability of plant ingredients as fishmeal substitutes  IFFO 2019

Recent pace of change in human impact on the world’s ocean

Benjamin Halpern, et al 2019
Global fisheries catches can be increased after rebuilding of fish populations: Project: Ecosystem Based FMSY Values in Fisheries Management  Nordic council of ministers 2019
Distribution of plastic polymer types in the marine environment; A meta-analysis University of Warwick 2019
Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate  IPCC 2019
Driving change in South East Asian trawl fisheries, fishmeal supply, and aquafeed IFFO & GAA 2019
Impacts of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture FAO 2018
The rise of aquaculture by-products: Increasing food production, value, and sustainability through strategic utilization  Stevens, J. R., Newton, R. W., Tlusty, M., & Little, D. C. 2018
When does fishing forage species affect their predators?  IFFO 2017
Greenhouse gas emissions  of Norwegian seafood  products in 2017  SINTEF 2017
The economic impacts of the UK sea fishing and fish processing sectors: An input-output analysis Seafish UK 2017
University of Stirling Report on Future Availability of Raw Material, and Calculations of Fishmeal and Fish Oil Production over the next 5 and 10 years  IFFO 2016
Feeding aquaculture in an era of finite resources  Rosamond L. Naylor, Ronald W. Hardy, Dominique P. Bureau, Alice Chiu, Matthew Elliott et al 2009