The following FAQs relate to the IFFO Annual Conferences, if you are looking for FAQs relating to IFFO or the industry in general, go to www.iffo.com/frequently-asked-questions.

When answers refer to a section relating to a conference, you can find the specific conference listed under ‘Events’ via the menu at the top of the website.


What is the IFFO Annual Conference about?

Further information can be found via www.iffo.com/annual-conferences.

When / Where does the conference take place?
The IFFO Annual Conference usually follows a three-day format taking place during October/November of each year and the venue rotates between three world zones - further information is available via www.iffo.com/annual-conferences.  Once the location and dates are available, details can be found via www.iffo.com/events and they will also be announced by email to all members.
Where have the conferences taken place in the past?
The full list of conference locations can be found via www.iffo.com/past-conference-locations.
Are there any tips to help navigate the Event web pages?
Yes, take a look at www.iffo.com/events-section-navigation-tips



When does registration open?

Registration usually opens in July. The Events landing page of www.iffo.com/events will be kept up to date with any announcements and an email will be sent to all members once registration opens.

How can I register?
Once open, registration will be via an online form - under the Events section look for the current Annual Conference and there should be an option for ‘Registration’ which will direct you to a page with helpful information such as Registration Fees, Who Attends, Cut-off Dates and some IMPORTANT information including Registration Conditions, Changes and Cancellations, Travel Visas, passports and Covid-19 which should be read before you register.
I only want to register for one session or one day of the conference, is that possible?
NO.  Individuals who want to attend any part of the event must register for the whole event.

Will you accept registrations onsite?

NO.  Registration closes two weeks prior to the event.  Therefore, all registrations should be made in advance and by the cut-off date which can be found on the specific event page.
When do I need to pay?
Full payment is required at the point of online registration.  Your registration will not be treated as complete until payment has been made.
Which payment methods do you accept for the registration fee?

When you complete the registration form, you will be redirected to the Elavon payment site where you will be asked to complete your payment details (Mastercard, Visa or Amex). 


We do not accept payment via any other method.

Where can I find the registration fees?

Registrations fees can be found online under the registration section of the event.
Am I eligible for the members’ registration fee?  
Only members of IFFO can register at the Members’ registration fee, if you are not a member of IFFO you need to register at the Non-Members registration fee.  If you have a question about your membership status, you can check the list of member companies via www.iffo.com/our-members or send an email to [email protected].  If you are interested in membership of IFFO, please go to www.iffo.com/why-join-us  for an overview and application form.
Are meals included in the registration fee?  
NO, meals are NOT included.  However, some social functions may include food and you can find further information online via the Social web page relating to the event.
Does the registration fee include travel/accommodation costs?
NO, the registration fee does NOT include any travel or accommodation costs.  These costs need to be settled by the delegate.
I see that the city tour is not included in the delegate’s fee.  How can I join the tour? 
The tour is only included in the registration fee for registered family members.  However, delegates who wish to join the tour can book and pay for a ticket during online registration.
What are the cut-off dates for registration and accommodation? 
Cut-off dates can be viewed online via the Registration section of the event.
Do I need to provide a photo in order to register for the event?
Yes, a passport style jpg photo is required for your ID badge.  You will need to upload this during the online registration process.  However, you will have the option to exclude it from the delegates’ area.
Will I receive a receipted invoice for registration? 
Yes, when you register and pay the registration fee, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to the Delegate’s email address as provided on the registration form.  This will include an attached pdf receipt/invoice.
I haven’t received confirmation of my registration – what should I do?
A confirmation email should have been sent automatically at the time you registered online and paid.  If you did not receive a confirmation within 2 hours of registering, please send an email to [email protected].
Can I get a letter of invitation to assist with my application for a visa? 
Once you are fully registered you can request a letter of invitation to support your visa application.  Further details are available online via the Registration section of the event.
What is the cancellation policy? 
The cancellation terms are available online via the Registration section of the event.  
What if I have registered but now cannot attend?
Email [email protected] as soon as possible but before the cut-off date.  Note the cancellation policy which can be viewed online via the Registration section of the event.  If you have booked a room at the conference hotel, please also check the cancellation policy online via the Registration section of the event.



What are the check-in/checkout times at the hotel?

Further information about check-in and checkout can be viewed online via the Hotel section of the event.

Is there a discount at the conference hotel for IFFO delegates?
We always try to secure a group discount for IFFO delegates; however, delegates are responsible for payment of their room.  Room rates can be viewed online via the Hotel section of the event.
How can I reserve a hotel room, and what are the rates?  

Registered delegates who need to book a room should do so direct with the hotel, using the special link you will receive in your registration confirmation email.  Further details are available online via the Hotel section of the event.

Note: accommodation costs are NOT included in the registration fee and delegates will need to pay all their accommodation costs.  Accommodation options and rates are available online via the Hotel section of the event.

I haven’t received confirmation of my hotel room booking – what should I do?
A confirmation email should have been sent to you direct from the hotel shortly after you booked your room.  If you have not received a confirmation within 7 days, please either contact the hotel direct or send an email to [email protected].
How can I change my hotel booking? 

Once you have received your confirmation email from the hotel, if you need to make a change to your hotel booking you can do this directly with the hotel without involving IFFO. Details of who to contact can be found in the registration confirmation email that was automatically sent to you when you registered, or online via the Changes and Cancellations section of the event.

Can I book a room for a private meeting/function?
If you send an email to [email protected] we will put you in contact with the hotel.
Are transfers arranged from the airport to the conference hotel?
NO.  All participants should make their own arrangements at their own expense to travel from the airport to the conference hotel and back.



Where can I access the Programme/Agendas? 

Details will be posted on the events website as they are confirmed.  A full conference schedule, including conference sessions, will be available online under the Programme section of the event.

What sessions can I attend?   
The online Programme includes a Participation Category.  You can find a filter option to the right of the Programme and by selecting an option you can check which sessions can be attended.  Please note that Market Forum Supply is only open to delegates who are Producer Members or Premium Non-Producer Members of IFFO. 
Which languages will the event take place in, and will there be interpreters?    
The main language for the Annual Conference is English.  Provision has been made for simultaneous interpretation for the main sessions and meetings as indicated by * in the programme.
Will presentations be available and how can I access them? 
Pdfs of the presentations will be available to all delegates once each session has begun.  Delegates can log into the delegates' area of this event to access the presentations. 
Are the presentations and questions that are asked during Q&A sessions, shared outside the group of delegates?

Yes. Media representatives are invited to attend IFFO events. 


Delegates are allowed to refer to the event on social media. However, it should be noted that video and/or audio recordings of the event are made by IFFO and then posted on its website solely for IFFO Members and Delegates. No one else has permission to record any presentations or discussions taking place in the event room while the event is being held.

I can't find my log-in details for the Delegates' Area, what should I do? 
Go to www.iffo.com/user/password and enter your user email address to reset your password.  If you still have issues, please email [email protected].  



How can I access a list of delegates?  

Once you have registered you can access the list of delegates online via the delegates’ area specific to the event.

My organisation is interested in sponsorship and/or advertising opportunities. Where can I find more details?   
Information on sponsorship together with the prospectus is available online under the Sponsorship section of the event.

Can I include a gift?

Details of how to include an item are available via the sponsorship prospectus which is available online under the Sponsorship section of the event.
What is the dress code for the meetings?  
Smart casual is suggested.
What if I have special dietary requirements? 
The Gala Dinner will include a three-course meal.  If you have any special dietary requirements send an email to [email protected].
I only want to attend the Gala Dinner, is that possible?
NO.  Delegates who want to attend any part of the event must register for the whole event. 
Is there a Privacy Policy?   
The Events Privacy Policy can be viewed at www.iffo.com/events-privacy-policy.
When will I receive joining instructions?    
These will be sent by email in the form of an Information Sheet about one week prior to the event.
How/when do I receive my registration badge?
An ID badge will be available for all registered delegates.  A registration desk will be set up in the conference hotel on the Monday.  Further details can be found at the bottom of the online programme.
Once I am at the event, how can I get help?       

You can send an email to [email protected] or look out for IFFO Secretariat who can be identified by ‘STAFF’ on their badges. 


Also, at the annual conference, you can visit or call the IFFO conference office (further details will be in the Information Sheet which will be emailed about a week before the conference).

How can I give feedback after an event?     
We always strive to improve and welcome all comments and feedback after each event.  We will send an email to all delegates to invite them to complete an online feedback form.  However, if you prefer, you are welcome to send your feedback by email to [email protected].
How can I find out more about IFFO and the industry in general?
There is a lot of information via the various tabs at the top of the website.  The About section might be a good place to start, where you can find the FAQs relating to IFFO and the industry in general.  However, if you have a specific question about IFFO that you can’t find the answer to, you can email [email protected].
My question is not listed here. Who do I contact?   
Send an email to [email protected].