Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of IFFO is made up of Directors from Producer members nominated by either individual countries or regions. Each director serves a 2-year term and is then eligible for re-election

Board of Directors for 2024-2025 term
Latin America: Adriana Giudice, José Miguel Tirado, Gonzalo De Romaña, Fernando Ribaudo, Walter Martinez, Felipe Zaldivar, Eduardo Goycoolea and Armando Coppel
Europe: Johannes Palsson, Egil Magne Haugstad and Johann Peter Andersen
USA & Canada: Dan James
Rest of the World: Andre du Preez and Mohammed Shawkath Showry


Board of Directors for 2024-2025 term

President of the Board: Egil Magne Haugstad


Egil was elected President of IFFO Board (2024-2025 term) and is a member for Europe. He is the CEO of Pelagia AS. Pelagia’s Head Office is in Norway with factories concentrated on North Atlantic. The fishmeal and -oil factories are in Norway, England, Scotland and Ireland. Pelagia is also the largest producer of pelagic seafood globally and high-quality omega-3 concentrates in Norway. Pelagia runs the biggest fleet of vessels collecting by-products categories 3 and 2 from the salmon industry.

Vice President: Eduardo Goycoolea


Eduardo Goycoolea was one of the founders and first co-President of IFFO back in 2001 when it was created. He is currently Vice President of the Board (2024-2025 term) and is a member for Latin America. 


Latin America



Adriana Giudice

CEO, Pesquera Austral Group


José Miguel Tirado

CEO, Copeinca


Gonzalo De Romaña

General Manager, Tecnológica de Alimentos (TASA)


Fernando Ribaudo

Founding director of Pesquera Diamante


Walter Martínez Moreno

Chairman of the board of Hayduk Corporation 



Felipe Zaldivar

CEO at Corpesca S.A.



Armando Coppel

Maz Industrial SA de CV ; Director



Johannes Palsson 

CEO at FF Skagen


Johann Peter Andersen

Manager, The Icelandic Fishmeal Association

USA & Canada:

Dan James

Dan James

President & CEO - Kodiak Fishmeal Company

Rest of the World:


Andre du Preez

Project Manager / Marketing at Pioneer Fishing (Pty) Ltd


Mohammed Shawkath Showry

Managing Director, Blueline Foods (India) pvt Ltd