Marine ingredients play a vital and complex role in the global food system. The following pages give an in depth exploration into the sources, nutrient profiles, production; and how and why they are used. 

The sources of marine ingredients: Whole fish & by-products

Marine ingredients (fishmeal & fish oil) are mostly derived from forage fish, fish trimmings and other marine organisms such as krill, shellfish and algae.

How are marine ingredients produced?

Quality control and assurance is upheld using best practice and traceability all the way from high seas catch via modern fishmeal and fish oil processing techniques.

What is the nutritional profile and benefits of fishmeal and fish oil?

Fishmeal and fish oil are the foundation of formulated aquafeeds thanks to the superior nutrition that they provide and are regarded as the nutritional benchmark for other ingredients.

How are marine ingredients used?

Marine ingredients are highly cost effective sources of important nutrients with their use changing over the decades from pig and poultry to 75% now being used by the aquaculture industry.