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Reduced raw material tonnage but higher cumulative FMFO production compared to 2020

IFFO’s analysis on marine ingredient market trends (July 2021) Published on 9 September 2021 A taste of the many s...

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IFFO’s global reach covers every continent, with 55% of the world’s production of fishmeal and fish oil coming from our members. 96% of the members rate IFFO’s services as good or excellent according to our yearly members’ survey. Find out how to join us here.

Committed to responsible supply chains

The marine ingredients industry has a complex but well known supply chain with a well-developed series of certification and improvement schemes. With the wealth of data and information extending over many years, the industry can ensure the continued production of high quality feed and nutraceutical ingredients.

Quality Feed means Quality Food

Marine ingredients provide essential nutrients for human health, indirectly through the farmed animals that we eat and directly through the consumption of fish oil capsules. Just as fishmeal and fish oil play a vital role in the growth and health of farmed fish, these essential proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins are then passed onto humans.

Marine ingredients contribute to feeding a growing population

Marine ingredients provide unrivalled and essential nutrients to farmed seafood, most importantly in early stages of growth. The sources of marine ingredients are often from fish that don’t have a strong food market and this valuable resource can instead be processed in fishmeal and fish oil to further contribute to global protein production.

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