January 2021 editorial

It is no mystery that 2020 was a challenging year: for once in a lifetime, everyone has been facing the same restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic. All swathes of the economy have been impacted to different extents. The marine ingredients industry has battled its way through the hurdles and adjusted swiftly, as has IFFO through on-site meetings turning virtual, with great success.

This could not have been achieved without a good dose of creativity, flexibility, and strong sense of belonging. It must be acknowledged that many people have been affected and need support from their communities. 

We are longing to see our members and stakeholders face to face again and hope 2021 will be decisive to keep implementing our vision for the future of marine ingredients. With IFFO aiming to be THE trustworthy and pro-active global organisation for marine ingredients, we want to change perceptions of the industry among our key stakeholders and secure responsible growth of IFFO’s membership.

The food sector is undergoing significant changes, with digitalisation providing opportunities through online shopping, increased traceability through blockchain technologies and real time monitoring of water quality and feed usage in fish farms, to cite a few implications only. Working systematically on ways to improve responsible sourcing, not only for fishmeal and fish oil but all raw materials in the food value chain, is critical and I have great hopes that 2021 will bring innovations in this field. 2020 has demonstrated a strong willingness to head into this direction, which is crucial in terms of transparency and, therefore, food safety and consumer confidence.

Here’s to 2021!

Best wishes to you all.


IFFO's January 2021 newsletter addressed the following topics: