What Our Members Say

IFFO conducted a members’ survey early 2021 to rate the services it offered in 2020 and to better align with the growing and diversifying needs and goals of the membership. It is very exciting that 92% of the members rate IFFO’s services as good or excellent! This is echoed by the high rate of membership renewal each year as well as stable growth in membership.

How would you rate the service you receive from IFFO?

The survey results have provided a strong indication that IFFO’s main services (Market information, Technical and regulatory advice and Advocacy, Events organising and Networking, Communications, Reputation management) are of high value and should continue to be developed.

How would you rate our performance in providing the following:

Market information

Members Survey - Markets  

Communications and reputation management

Members Survey - comms

Events and Networking

Members Events

Technical advice, regulatory information and advocacy

We also see that our publications are key to providing in-depth insights about market trends and are highly rated as well.

It has been over sixty years since IFFO was created, and since then, a growing body of Members has joined us, while we have been adjusting our offer to the changing landscape. Thanks to the responses to the 2020 Membership Survey, we have a clear idea of what this community wants and needs, and we can move forward to discussion of implementation, in alignment with our 2025 strategy. We’ll continue to adjust our offer to remain relevant.