4 takeaways from IFFO’s 59th Annual Conference and next year’s Annual Conference location announced


Following 3 days of discussions, technical forum and market sessions, IFFO's Director General Petter Martin Johannessen stated that collaboration underpins the concept of the UN’s SDGs and is essential to communicate the vital role of marine ingredients in the global food production system.

Throughout these three days over 20 speakers delivered fascinating presentations, highlighting that:

  • The marine ingredients industry plays a positive role in meeting sustainable development goals and is expected to continue contributing to achieving them by 2030
  • The marine ingredients industry is complex. Science and a little bit of curiosity are needed to fully understand it.
  • Marine ingredients feed the world with proteins and have unique nutritional properties that can't be found elsewhere. EPA and DHA are essential components of a healthy diet for human consumers. They are vital for fish and animals' growth and the omega fatty acids fish and animals get through marine ingredients are then passed on to human consumers.
  • Big data are already transforming the whole value chain worldwide and new changes are expected to come, bringing more transparency and accountability

The event was being attended by over 400 delegates joining from 41 countries.

Summaries of the all 3 days can be found :

- here for day 1 (4 November 2019)

- here for day 2 (5 November 2019)

- here for closing session on day 3 (6 November 2019)

The sponsors for this event included Coland, Intertek, Haarslev, Dupps, SGS, Sifang, Blueline Foods, and Teampower.

Next year's Conference, which will be IFFO's 60th Annual Conference, will be in Lima, Peru, from 19 to 21 October 2020.