Update on the IFFO RS Chain of Custody

In December 2019 the criteria for V2.0 of the IFFO RS Chain of Custody (CoC) underwent a 60 day Public Consultation. Valuable feedback was provided by a range of stakeholders and taken into considering during the finalising of the criteria. 

At the end of February, IFFO RS together with independent experts in third party auditing and traceability, conducted a trial audit in Greece on the new criteria of the new version of the CoC standard in order to test and refine its auditability and guidance.

Upon completing the pilot, the criteria will be adjusted and finalised based on the findings before being presented to the IFFO RS Governing Body Committee in May this year for approval to launch V2.0 of the IFFO RS Chain of Custody in July/August 2020. A transition period will be implemented and communicated to all affected stakeholders in order to allow for a smooth transferal from the V1.6 to the new version. 

Author: Laura Shepherd, Compliance and Integrity Manager at IFFO RS