Members' Meeting 2024 15-17 April - Miami, U.S.A.

Registration and Conditions

Ensure to read the important information on this page BEFORE PROCEEDING TO REGISTER via the link at the bottom

User and password

IFFO events registration takes place here on our corporate website. On this site you will have a single user and password for both our Members’ Area and the events you register for. 

On the registration form:

If you already have a user for our Members’ Area, please use your registered email in the ‘Delegate Email Address’ field and the system will check your details against the database. If you are logged in, your email should appear automatically. Once registered you can access the Delegates’ Area with the same username and password.

If you do not have a user for our Members’ Area, please enter your corporate email address in the ‘Delegate’s unique Email Address’ field and a new user will be created for you. This must be a unique email in order to create your user, but you can add a different display email address (if you prefer) during the registration process.  Ensure to make a note of your password as you will need this to log into the Delegates' Area and/or the Members' Area.  You will receive an email confirming your username.

Once you have read the Registration Conditions below, to start your registration for this event please follow the link at the bottom.

Registration and Conditions

The following Conditions relate to the IFFO Members' Meeting 2024.  Before registering you should also note the "Changes and Cancellations" page.

  • The IFFO Members' Meeting is restricted to members of IFFO.  If you are not a member, please visit www.iffo.com/why-join-us for further information.
  • Market Forum Supply is restricted to Producer members and Premium members of IFFO.
  • The closing date for registrations is Friday 5 April.  Any registrations after this date will not be accepted.
  • Registration fees are payable in US Dollars ($) and can only be paid by credit card through the online secure Elavon service which you will be directed to during your registration process.  In case of not being authorised, it is very likely that your bank has blocked your card for online transactions as a protection measure.  Please contact your bank and try again.  
  • If you require a room in the conference hotel please register as soon as possible.  PLEASE NOTE: the process to book a guestroom from the IFFO block has changed and registered delegates will need to book direct with the hotel. Further details can be found hereAlthough IFFO has made a block-booking of rooms, they are strictly available on a first-come, first-served basis.  If these rooms are all allocated, reservations can no longer be guaranteed.  In any case, any remaining rooms in the IFFO block will be cancelled on Friday 15 March and therefore reservations received after this date are subject to availability.  So please book early to secure.
  • Hotel accommodation will be charged in US Dollars ($) and will be secured against the credit card details as provided to the hotel if you booked a room.  Neither IFFO nor the hotel will make any charge for the room in advance.  Cancellation charges will only be made in the case of a cancellation after Friday 15 March, a reduction in the number of nights booked or in the case of a no show.  
  • Part of the registration process is to provide a recent hi-resolution ‘head and shoulders’ jpg photo (no hat, no sunglasses) for your ID badge.  This must be uploaded at the same time as completing the online registration.  However, you can choose whether this is displayed in the delegates' area or not.
  • Once you have registered and paid online, you should immediately receive your registration confirmation and receipt from IFFO, sent to the delegate email address given during your registration.  The email will also include a link to book a room from the IFFO block, should you wish to.

Register here for the IFFO Members' Meeting 2024