IFFO Producer Requirements

Requirements for IFFO’s Producer Member Applicants


In this document a “Producer Member” means a producer of fish meal and fish oil.


A producer member applicant must provide a valid production license or operation license issued by the relevant government authority for all plants. If the production license or operation license is not in English, Spanish, or Chinese it must be translated into English by a certified translator.


A producer member applicant must complete IFFO’s Self-Assessment for Producer Members, sign IFFO’s Membership Self Declaration and accept IFFO’s Code of Conduct. 


A producer member applicant cannot appear on any reputation risk listing (e.g. RDC).


Legality Criteria


All applicants must be able to demonstrate that their raw material comes from regulated fisheries, or from farms that are legally entitled to operate.  Vessels should be legally entitled to fish, and report their fishing activities in accordance with the rules applying in that fishery. Applicant must also be able to provide evidence of IUU prevention measures.


Factory certification Criteria


All factories of the applicant must have a relevant factory certification, such as MarinTrust, GMP+, FEMAS, BASC, MSC Coc (list not exhaustive).


Producer member applicants that fall outside the Criteria


If the legality criteria are not met the producer member applicant cannot be accepted.