Studies of Interest: Plant & additional raw materials

Title & link Author Date
A SWOT Analysis of the Use of Marine, Grain, Terrestrial-Animal and Novel Protein Ingredients in Aquaculture Feeds Glencross et al 2024

Comparative life cycle assessment of heterotrophic microalgae Schizochytrium and fish oil in sustainable aquaculture feeds

Brandi L. McKuin et al. 2022
The sustainability of plant ingredients as fishmeal substitutes  University of Stirling 2019
The Global Consultation Report of the Food and Land Use Coalition  The Food and Land use Coalition 2019
Risk assessment of the use of alternative animal and plant raw material resources in aquaculture feeds  Brett D. Glencross, Johanna Baily, Marc H.G. Berntssen, Ronald Hardy, Simon MacKenzie, Douglas R. Tocher 2019
Effects of replacing fishmeal with soybean protein concentrate (SPC) on growth, blood biochemical indexes, non-specific immune enzyme activity, and nutrient apparent digestibility for juvenile Litopenaeus vannamei Zhan-Hao Zhu, Qi-hui Yang, Bei-ping Tan.. 2021
Faecal waste production, characteristics and recovery in European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is affected by dietary ingredient composition
E.Fountoulakia, A.Vasilakia 2022
Dietary novel oils modulate neural function and preserve locomotor response in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) juveniles by regulating synthesis and contents of fatty acids in brain Marta Carvalhoa, Daniel Monteroa, Paolo Domenici.. 2022
Environmental consequences of using insect meal as an ingredient in aquafeeds: A systematic view Hung Quang Tran, Hien Van Doan, Vlastimil Stejskal 2022