Annual Conference 2023 23–25 October - Cape Town, South Africa


IFFO Cape Town Annual Conference (23-25 October 2023)

Commercial sponsorship of IFFO events has proved to be a real win-win for both sponsors and delegates, giving sponsors unparalleled opportunities to communicate their messages, while enabling IFFO to raise the quality of the events and appoint top industry speakers.

Sponsorship opportunities range from gifts in delegate packs and printed adverts to popular items such as hotel key cards. Please read on for further details and sponsorship options.

Cape town


About the meeting

Held every year at a different city, and running for over 60 years, the IFFO Annual Conference is the world’s only conference dedicated to the fishmeal and fish oil industry, which includes the processing of other marine ingredients, and its value chain partners.

We are looking forward to a very successful meeting – one which reflects the organiser’s strategy of applying science, technology and business analysis to the commercial concerns of the marine protein and oil sector and the related supply chains; these range from farmed seafood, to land animal and pet food nutrition as well as the human health omega-3 market.

Who will attend

We anticipate more than 450 delegates from around 35 countries will attend the Cape Town conference. Attendance to our conferences has remained consistently high, as shown below.

Number of delegates at previous meetings Origin of delegates at the 2022 Meeting
Sponsorship graph 1 Sponsorship graph 2



IFFO is ideally placed to communicate your message effectively to the marine ingredients global marketplace and provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to penetrate the market further. By promoting your message to our international members you will have a unique opportunity to grow and develop your business.


The conference will run for three days from Monday to Wednesday, including a Welcome Reception and a Gala Dinner and delivers a sound mix of business related topics and social networking. The professional programme features speeches by well-known visiting speakers from the food retailing, commodity, financial, and fishing worlds, as well as experts from human and animal nutrition. In addition there will be interactive sessions on specialist topics linked to the conference theme.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday 23rd October  Registration
City Tour
Board Meeting
Opening session Welcome Reception
Tuesday 24th October Market Forum - Supply Perspective Challenges & Opportunities session  
Wednesday 25th October Market Forum - Demand Perspective Closing Session Gala Dinner

Our ability to consistently attract influential attendees, providing access to high-profile speakers in a relaxed networking environment, is the key to our success. The Cape Town Annual Conference will provide sponsors with exposure and access to delegates who have the capacity to influence the selection of products and services within their organisations. The conference also provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your support and commitment to the marine ingredients industry.

Table Mountain

Levels of Sponsorship










Sole Sponsorship of the Gala Dinner will give you the opportunity to:   

  • Give a 10 minute address at the dinner
  • Display your corporate branding exclusively at the entrance of the dinner, along with your logo on all conference sponsor materials
  • Place a corporate gift at each seat
  • Reserve a table at the dinner
Yes - - -
Sole Sponsorship of the Welcome Reception will give you the opportunity to:
  • Give a 5 minute address in Monday’s opening session
  • Display your corporate branding exclusively at the reception; along with your logo on all conference sponsor materials
- Yes - -
Send an advance email to the entire delegate list, highlighting your business prior to the event Yes Yes - -
Delegate pack inserts to reinforce your message following the advance email Yes Yes - -
Logo placementyour logo will be included on the event banner and on our website’s event footer and sponsors page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complementary Delegate registrations—number of registrations shown in the levels 4
(Value $10,000)
(Value $7,500)
(Value $5,000)
(Value $2,500)
Credit to use on items from the shopping list below. If items selected add to more, sponsor needs to pay the difference. - - $12,000 $7,500


Shopping List

Onsite Items Cost (US$)
Opening Session — This is the best attended session and your logo will be on shown at the very beginning and appear in all mentions of the Opening Session. $12,000
Official Conference Signposting - Your logo will be shown on the signage, helping delegates to their desired locations.


Hotel key cards (subject to hotel approval) - Your artwork/logo will be included on the branded key cards given to all delegates staying at the hotel (printing costs are additional)

$7,500 + cost 

Logo placement on introductory video - Logo (and company name) included in introductory video played before sessions and in coffee breaks $7,500
Session Audio-Visual Equipment - Your logo will appear on a holding slide in all session halls during breaks. $7,500

Logo placement in our daily emails to the delegates (containing links to the pdf presentations and recordings), during the conference (3 emails in total). 


Placement in one LinkedIn post (logo + a link to a blog article provided by the sponsor and approved by IFFO, to be hosted on the IFFO website) promoting the sponsor ahead of, during or after the event. IFFO’s LinkedIn page currently has over 4,000 followers. 

Coffee Breaks - You can provide banners to be shown in the catering areas at all the refreshment points, located near or inside the session rooms. You may also supply branded items, subject to venue approval. There are 5 coffee breaks across the conference and sponsors can select which breaks to sponsor. Sponsors also have the opportunity to host a welcome table at the sponsored coffee break. 

$1,500 each

Event App - Recognition on event literature and exclusive logo placement on the event app banner $7,500
WiFi - Sponsor can choose the password and/or antenna name for the wifi (subject to approval) $4,500
Delegate Packs - This is a high profile, much sought after sponsorship item. The conference will be supplying each delegate with a delegate pack and your logo will be printed on the pack alongside the conference logo and event details.



Hospitality Desk — You can run the Hospitality Desk, which will be in a prominent location within the venue. This desk will need to be manned by a concierge who will provide delegates with helpful information about Cape Town, including local attractions and where to eat. Your logo will be displayed at the desk and you may also provide additional branded items such as pens, pads, city maps and company flyers.

$3,000 + cost 


Items to be supplied by sponsor



Pens - You can provide pens with your logo on them which are included in all delegate packs.

$3,000 + cost


Delegate Lanyards - You can provide the lanyards with your logo on them to be used for the delegate badges.

$4,500 + cost 


Delegate Pack Insert (Flyer or Advert) - You will be able to include a single insert, printed double sided and maximum A4 in size, which will be included in the delegate pack. You can either post them to us or we can print them on our office printer. Maximum of 4 inserts allowed. $3,000 
Delegate Pack Insert (Gift) - You will be able to include a branded gift in the delegate packs. Possible ideas include: memory sticks, pocket diaries or bookmarks. Your gift must be approved by IFFO. $3,000 + cost
Item placement in meeting rooms - You can provide promotional and branded items to be placed in each delegate's spot in the meeting room. $4,500 + cost
Item placement in guest rooms - Your promotional and branded gifts will be placed in the guests' rooms. $7,500 + cost

Sponsorship packages need to be paid fully by 31st August 2023 with a 10% non-refundable deposit payable on receipt of the invoice. If these payment terms, or the packages included in this proposal, do not fit within your current budgetary structures, please be assured that we will do everything within our power to accommodate your requirements.

IFFO contact

If you are interested in sponsorship or have any further questions then either email [email protected] or telephone +44 (0) 2030 539195.

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