Agenda - China Webinar

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Session 1: Tuesday, 29th November 2022

Please note that the time zone of agenda timings. The first line is Beijing time (GMT+8) and the second line is CET (GMT+1).  

15:00-15:05 (Beijing Time)

08:00-08:05 (CET)


Petter Martin Johannessen, Director General, IFFO

15:05-15:30 (Beijing Time)

08:05-08:30 (CET)

Fishmeal and Fish Oil Supply and Demand: a Global Overview
Dr. Enrico Bachis, Market Research Director, IFFO

15:30-15:55 (Beijing Time)

08:30-08:55 (CET)

Fishmeal in Europe – Supply and Demand
Jon Tarlebø, Chief Sales Officer, TripleNine Fish Protein A/S

15:55-16:05 (Beijing Time)

08:55-09:05 (CET)


16:05-16:30 (Beijing Time)

09:05-09:30 (CET)

IFFO’s Role in the Industry: Technical Developments

Dr. Brett Glencross, Technical Director, IFFO

16:30-16:55 (Beijing Time)

09:30-09:55 (CET)

Quality and Advantages - Antarctic Krill Meal
Helen Yu, Sales Director, Aker BioMarine (China)

16:55-17:25 (Beijing Time)

09:55-10:25 (CET)

Panel Discussion

17:25-17:30 (Beijing Time)

10:25-10:30 (CET)


Session 2: Wednesday, 30th November 2022 (Tuesday, 29th November 2022 Lima Time)

Please note that the time zone of agenda timings. The first line is Beijing Time (GMT+8) and the second line is Lima Time (GMT+5).  

8:30-8:35 (Beijing Time)

19:30-19:35 (Lima Time)

Maggie Xu, China Director, IFFO

8:35-9:00 (Beijing Time)

19:35-20:00 (Lima Time)

Introduction on Peruvian Fishmeal & Oil Production and Export
James Frank, Managing Director, MSICeres SAC

9:00-9:25 (Beijing Time)

20:00-20:25 (Lima Time)

Aquaculture and Marine Fisheries Resources in China
Asso. Prof./ Dr. Wenbo Zhang, Shanghai Ocean University

9:25-9:35 (Beijing Time)

20:25-20:35 (Lima Time)


9:35-10:00 (Beijing Time)

20:35-21:00 (Lima Time)

Mexican Fishmeal and Fish Oil Production
Armando Coppel, CEO, Maz Industrial

10:00-10:25 (Beijing Time)

21:00-21:25 (Lima Time)

Status of Fishmeal Detection and Problems in the Use of Fishmeal
Prof./ Dr. Xia Fan, Executive Deputy Director of China National Feed Quality Inspection and Testing Center (Beijing)

10:25-10:55 (Beijing Time)

21:25-21:55 (Lima Time)

Panel Discussion

10:55-11:00 (Beijing Time)

21:55-22:00 (Lima Time)