IFFO 第60届年会(2022年) 秘鲁利马

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Factory Visit

Thursday 27 October, morning

Pick up from and return to the Westin Lima Hotel
- meet in the hotel lobby

Departure for nearby plants (Callao and Pucusana) will be at 10:00 and expect to be back by 13:00. Departure for the other plants will be earlier and return will be later.

IFFO would like to thank Austral Group, TASA, Pesquera Diamante and Pesquera Exalmar for helping to organise an optional factory visit on Thursday morning 27th October. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is open to DELEGATES ONLY but there is limited availability* and places are restricted to a first-come, first-served basis via the conference registration form. The table below includes the plant locations, the approximate time to transfer from the Westin Hotel to each plant and the maximum capacity.  We will let you know if you have NOT been successful in securing a place.

Some of the plants are outside Lima and TASA-Pucusana is an Omega plant.




Austral - Chancay

2½ hours

40 pax

Austral - Pisco

3 hours

40 pax

TASA - Callao

1 hour

40 pax    FULL

TASA - Pucusana

1 hour

30 pax  FULL

Diamante - Callao  

1 hour

40 pax  FULL

Exalmar - Huacho

2½ hours

40 pax